Children may need the help of a trichologist. The child’s hair is prone to changes around the time of puberty especially to the colour and texture of the hair.

Scalp complaints are not exclusive to adults and unfortunately it is possible for children to experience some types of hair loss. I have put the most likely presentation of hair loss in children but please feel free to contact me for assistance.

Diffuse Alopecia

This diffuse type of hair loss is often reflective, due to such things as illness, deficiencies, infection and fevers. It is termed telogen effluvium and can be found detailed on the website already.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata affects children and adults, it is thought to be of autoimmune origin but can present after various illnesses. It is detailed on the website already

Trichotilosis also termed Trichotillomania

This may become prevalent around the child starting school or after a traumatic event, which results in the child pulling at one’s own hair. It becomes a habit and can be easier to treat in children than adults, it is important not to make the child self-conscious and seek help.

Tinia Capitis (Ring Worm)

This is less prevalent than in years gone by. It may come under the remit of a trichologist if it presents with a patch of hair loss. This condition would by referred back to the GP for treatment.

Pediculosis Capitis (Head Lice)

This is extremely prevalent in school age children and can be managed with proprietary treatments from the chemists, alongside manual extraction at home with the special comb and conditioner. It is extremely contagious and it is essential the whole family are treated to avoid transferring backwards and forwards between family members. Headlice can become resistant to some medications and therefore it is best to ask the chemist which treatment is currently recommended.