As part of your consultation I will endeavour to offer a management or treatment plan to match your individual needs.

Treatment options can vary but plans are often holistically driven from the factors identified at the initial consultation, this enables us to find an individual tailored solution for you. This means there is no standard plan, as no two cases are the same. Sadly, some patients we see can have limited options dependant on the condition as some can have a very poor prognosis.

A trichologists role is to advise what options are available and to help the patient reached an informed choice, whilst offering support and guidance. It may be that some products and services I can offer in house and some may require referrals to different sources.

Any recommendations will be made ethically on researched and evidence-based products and services that have shown to be affective over time. I will always advise to the best of my knowledge any limitations versus benefits.

It does take time to assess and review the plan, it is not unusual to make adjustments based on how you are finding things, and I do ask you to notify me of any changes.

The conditions we see can be of a complex nature requiring a strategic plan. Although it is tempting to source the internet for a solution, of which you will find many, please do not be tempted by these as they largely have no clinical data behind them, and will most likely interfere with the plan we implement together.